There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclesiastes 3:1.

Whenever I experience something positive, I try to share it with others. In John 9, I discovered a man who was born blind and was healed by Jesus. After I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought perhaps this man could teach me how to access the healing power of Jesus.

What ended up happening was that Mr. Blindman taught me to make some key decisions and take some needed actions even though Jesus has the power to do anything for me. This blind man’s teachings changed my life. He taught me to say yes when life says no.

After learning these principles, I worked to apply them to my entire life. I used a systematic process to do this. And while I don’t believe in being a slave to a system, I don’t think it’s not enough to have principles without having a concrete approach to using those principles. So I have summarized my own practices in the Say Yes When Life Says No Workbook.

The best way to use this workbook is in a thirty-one-day process that includes life-changing exercises and decisions. This workbook will introduce you to a season of self-discovery that I think you will benefit from greatly. The material you learn here lends itself to being regularly reviewed, and your plans and goals can be updated on a regular basis.

This journey may even involve you sharing with a coach or a small group. As a companion to the book, the workbook will become as helpful to you as the blind man of John 9 was to me. Get your copy and join me on this journey.

God bless you as you launch into this new season of your life.

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