Focus solely on who we want to become. The clearer the vision, the easier the strategy will be for getting there.

Happy Sunday,

The 31-Day Makeover is about personal goals and new levels of success we set our sights on that may seem unattainable. I want to share my tried and tested process to help you build confidence in your own ability to attain your goals even in the face of every “no” life throws your way.

Instead of daily, however, we will tackle each step weekly. So I invite you to subscribe with your family and friends, and join 1,000 people taking this challenge with me over the next few months.

You must have a copy of the Say Yes When Life Says No Workbook to be able to participate in this challenge. Each week, I will share excerpts from a chapter here, but you will need the full text from the workbook to help you progress.

Here’s the full Day #1 below. LET’S BEGIN!!