Day #5 – The Difference Between “What” and “How”

Day #5 – The Difference Between “What” and “How”

I call my goals my “what” and my objectives my “how.”

Now that we have begun to give serious consideration to our passions and missions, we can begin the process of setting our goals. By now, you must be wondering if you are who you thought you were since all you wanted to know was how to get out of debt.

I have said many times that money is what we use to help us reach our life goals. Debt is one of the barriers that get in our way, but getting out of debt really happens in conjunction with taking control of our entire lives. The way we see and manage life determines the way we understand and handle money. We will definitely discuss finances during this month, but only after we set the proper framework for the discussion.

Goals are important because they assign specificity to our dreams. All humans dream and many dreams can come true. Of course some dreams are pure fantasy, but even our fantastic dreams have kernels of possibility in them. Example: I had a recurring dream as a youth that I could fly! This was probably inspired by my love for television shows like Superman. And of course those dreams were completely ridiculous.

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