#5 – The NO of Uncertainty

#5 – The NO of Uncertainty

What else can happen? 

I have had to stop asking that question because something else can always happen. And often, that something else in life is saying no. 

Sometimes bad will turn to worse before things get better. Uncertainty about the future can be a big no for people. 

What could have been worse for Mr. Blind in John 9? I mean he had been blind his entire life – what else could happen? Well, on this particular day, he had wandered out of his house all alone, had been ignored by passersby, had been treated as an object lesson, and he had been considered guilty of some sin that had caused his blindness. 

What else could happen? How about if someone spit on him? 

This man named Jesus spit into some dirt and placed the mud on Mr. Blind’s eyes (John 9:6). 

Great. Perfect. Just what he needed. 

Still, for some reason – maybe because he was starting to sense that this Jesus was there to give him a blessing – Mr. Blind accepted this indignity.  

And that is how he received his healing.