A New Way to Pay it Forward as a Black Leader

A New Way to Pay it Forward as a Black Leader

Guess how many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are Black? And guess how many Black people hold senior or executive positions in companies with over 100 employees?

The answers are less than 1% and just 3% respectively (as of 2021).

What can be done about such disparities in the American economy?

I believe YOU can help – not in the usual ways you might think of by lobbying or running for office (though, of course, those are valid ways to help).

Corporate Clout

A frequent oversight when we talk about uplifting communities is the power and influence of the business sector.  We are living in rapidly changing times when corporations are seeking board members who are flexible, innovative and bring a variety of expertise such as technology, cyber security, and cultural diversity.

You have the experience and perspective that for-profit and non-profit organizations seek. (No, this does not require unpaid labor).

You fill this need by serving on a Board of Directors – and being paid for your time and good work!

Serving As a Board Member

I discovered firsthand the possibilities of serving on a board of directors many years ago as a pastor. I was invited to serve, unaware of exactly what I was getting into!

What I found was leverage to expand employment and financial access for members of my community who had previously been overlooked.

I was also surprised to find that I was paid for my service!  It was such a great experience that I went on to serve on 7 other boards, making board leadership my career. 

The Time is Now

I am committed to creating a new legacy by supporting minorities in finding and actively serving on boards and executive committees. I show them how they can be compensated while making a difference in this way.

Together we can advocate for inclusive board culture where diverse members are seen, heard, and valued for our unique perspectives.

Ready to get started? DBS Solutions will walk you step-by-step to get you your seat at the board table.